Konstantin Matafonov's music recording,
composing and mixing team
Recording is a specific, energy-intensive process. To accomplish it we use studios with the best acoustic conditions and technical equipment. We have a wide choice of microphones. Microphones are selected personally for you. Our session musicians, backup vocalists and a professional vocal teacher are always ready to help you in the creation of your ideal track.
While mixing we draw an entire sound picture, that could highlight most important elements and add a certain spice to your composition. It will make a musical product sound properly on any music carrier. For mixing we use studios with linear acoustics and full-spectrum high-end monitors of mid-field and far-field.

Editing of recorded materials is an underestimated level, highly influencing on the final sounding of a track. We always choose carefully the best takes, delete useless artefacts, correct rythm and vocalization, doing our best to correspond with a concept of the project.

Final processing of a track, that helps to improve sounding and to equalize tracks between themselves. Mastering is accomplished in the main studio on digital plug-ins and analog gear. If it is necessary we use good-old reel-to-reel tape to receive the famous warm sound.

We are pleased to offer you 7.2.4 recording and immersive mixing. An experience on a different scale!
Recording and mixing in Dolby Atmos
Our engineers will come to your show, record and mix it. We can work in immersive formats. Outdoor recording is possible.
Recording and mixing live shows and outdoor recordings
Frequently it is necessary to upgrade music composition: change timbres, rhythm-section. We finalize your arrangings and beats or create them from scratch. In the working process we will discuss what instruments are preferably to be recorded live.

We will be pleased to involve songwriters in the work under your materials.

Complete production
Book a session
To start a work we need demo-materials of your composition, prefered time of session and project description.

We work attended or remotely
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